The power of group

We are iChoosr, independent experts in group switching programs. With iChoosr, groups of individuals get a better offer together, on energy, than they would on their own. And in a very easy way.

Benefits of the iChoosr group switching programs

  • A better price. Together we are stronger. The combined purchasing power of thousands of households helps secure you with a competitive price for your energy.
  • High quality. iChoosr places high demands on providers, their service, and their products.
  • No hassle. Registration is easy, free, and without obligation to switch. You are offered one alternative rate. Stick or switch, it's up to you.

The power of group buying

How do our group switch programs work?

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    Sign up for free and without obligation.

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    iChoosr organizes an auction among selected providers.

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    You will receive a personal offer from the winning provider.

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    You decide whether you accept the offer.

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    If you do accept the offer, iChoosr ensures a smooth switching process.

iChoosr's results

  • 150+

    Over 150 organized group switching actions

  • 1,000,000

    Over 1,000,000 people have enrolled for a better rate through iChoosr.

  • $ 200,000,000

    Over $ 200,000,000 saved by our participants

  • What our participants say

    ”Had never switched supplier before and being part of a group scheme gave me a lot more confidence in the process, and that I would get good value-for-money from the new supplier”
    Photo Phil Broomsgrove, London
  • What our participants say

    ”I was surprised at how quick and easy each step of the process was.”
    Photo Leanne Medland, Dudley
  • What our participants say

    ”I just believe that the whole idea of a collective auction is brilliant, because it gives customers more 'power' over these large utility, and other big, companies or organizations.”
    Photo Michael Amos, King’s Lynn

Our group buying programs harness the purchasing power of thousands of households.